ONE CHARLESTON has been organized by a group of Mindful Individuals coming together as ONE. Our mission is to bring musical events to Charleston to cultivate Bhav for the Soul. We will be bringing musical artists to the area and hosting them in independent spaces allowing us to cater to the specific needs of the people, the event and the artist. By staying independent we can bridge the gap allowing the yoga, spiritual, activist and mindful community to come together for the purpose of raising awareness and creating positive vibrations.

This creation was envisioned by One person and has grown to encompass everyONE. The original idea was to bring together the yoga community in a space where they could sing and chant together as ONE through Kirtan. It has quickly evolved and will not only promote Kirtan Artists but also Mindful Artist that have a Message to their music. There are so many incredible artists in the world that are doing what they can to change the world in a positive way. We are here to support and bring them to Charleston increasing awareness here and abroad.

One Charleston will continue to grow and evolve. Into what, only the future will tell. We will stay fluid allowing the universe to bring and show us what is needed next. We are here to bring together the community, raise awareness on important matters and create positive vibrations through incredible music. The “Ripple Effect” of vibration and raised awareness creates waves that will make a difference.

Our Mission is to bring together the community, promoting events in the regional and local area on ONE CHARLESTON. We want everyONE to have a space to come together and promote as ONE, allowing the message to spread. If you have a business that promotes Bhakti, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Ecological Soundness and just Positive Vibrations we want to hear from you! Contact us so that we can talk and see what we can do to promote and get your word out.

When we come together we come back to the truth, we are ONE

When we sing together we sing as ONE with ONE VOICE

When we are together we realize the ONE ultimate truth, there is only ONE LOVE

We look forward to bringing everyONE together through ONE CHARLESTON

THANK YOU for checking us out and please join our social networks to stay on top of everything !!

Peace, Love, & ONEness

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